Personal Loans

Home Equity Loans

Get something back for all of those timely mortgage payments you’ve been making since you bought your house. A home equity loan uses the equity you’ve built within your home as collateral to finance a wide range of needs.

Take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, pay for your child’s college tuition, or something else — at a competitive rate and terms that work for you.

  • Competitive rates for several short-term or one-time needs:
    • Education expenses
    • Major life events
    • Home remodel projects
    • Debt consolidation
    • And much more!
  • The existing equity in your home is used as collateral backing
  • Borrow up to 80% of your home’s value
  • Accommodating repayment terms that work uniquely for you
  • The interest paid might be tax deductible¹
  • Local decision-making and processing by lenders you can trust
  • Helpful, customized service throughout the entire process

¹Consult a tax advisor.