Personal Savings

Star Money Market

Maintain access to savings while watching it grow at competitive, tiered rates. And get convenience services that make money management easy.

Star Savings

Build up your savings effortlessly with Star Savings — an interest-bearing account with no service charge when you meet the minimum balance requirements.

NOVA Savings

Help your child take the first guided step to living a healthy financial life with an account that lets you retain control in the ways you need to.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Invest without the risk — CDs let you earn fixed rates, higher than regular savings, at customizable terms ranging from three months to five years.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Life moves fast — your retirement is just around the corner. Start setting aside money today to ensure that yours is a comfortable one.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Stay on top of your physical health with the help of an HSA that lets you put away money specifically for medical expenses — expected or otherwise.   An HSA is a medical savings account available to individuals that are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). Funds contributed to an HSA account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit.


Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® - CDARS®

For our customers with large investments, a CDARS® account means your money is FDIC-insured, even up to $50 million in a single deposit.  The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® is one of the most convenient ways to access FDIC insurance on large CD balances in excess of regular limits.