Liquidity Management

Zero Balance Accounts

Manage multiple accounts — even across multiple business locations — all in one place. A Zero Balance Account offers larger businesses additional insight into their overall monetary health at any given moment.

Eliminate idle cash across accounts and concentrate funds into one “master” account. This master account automatically funds the sub-accounts as checks clear or funds are needed.

  • Perfect for companies with multiple divisions, stores, or operating units
  • More than one ZBA can be linked to the primary account
  • Multiple account balances are concentrated into one, centralized account
    • Funds are disbursed to individual ZBA accounts only when necessary to cover checks or debits
  • Concentrate funds, eliminating idle balances and simplifying account management
  • Maintain required balances for disbursements while maximizing excess balances
  • Transactions flow through separate accounts for audit purposes while balances are consolidated for funding
  • Eliminate the need for manual transfers between bank accounts
  • Separate statements for each account