A lockbox offers a one-stop solution for your receivables, including direct electronic delivery, check and document imaging, and the ability to import data into your Accounts Receivable System.

Take your wholesale or retail operations to the next level with the convenience of a lockbox from Northstar Bank today.

  • Ideal for businesses that receive a large amount of incoming mail
  • Includes retail image lockbox and wholesale image lockbox
  • Incoming mail receipts are deposited directly to your account
  • Maximize availability of funds
  • Expedites your deposits
  • Enhances your cash position
  • Strengthens audit control
  • Provides timely deposit information
  • Save time and resources; eliminate unnecessary trips to a branch
  • Unique zip code and PO Box assignment
  • Coupon/remittance design services
Health Care Lockbox

Add value to your operation with a health care lockbox.

  • Reduce or eliminate data keying in your backroom operations
  • Gain access to a long term, web-based, image repository with custom indexing and flexible archive schedule
  • Import data directly into our Accounts Receivable System
  • Fax or email images anywhere, anytime
  • Decrease posting cycle time with same day processing and access to your receivables
  • Increase the quality of posting while decreasing your overall cost